Meet the Team

Alex Zlatin

Executive Director


Leading our organization as our Executive Director, Alex is promoting the importance of all administrative roles in the dental world. He is passionate about education and empowering the people around him to be the best versions of themselves.

Monica Trimble

Executive Assistant


As the Executive Assistant, Monica oversees everything in our organization, from organizing events, through our website services and advocacy for the profession.

Cindy Shewchook



As our Treasurer, Cindy ensures we are compliant with all regulations and practice fiscal responsibility.

Laura Veroba

Administrative Officer


Laura is one of the pillars of our organization. In her capacity as our Administrative Officer, she oversees membership registration, external communication and is in constant pursuit of more value-adding services for our members.

Craig Hayes

Member Development Officer


Craig’s passion is educating professionals in their respective roles. With many years managing dental clinics and a variety of dental consulting projects, he brings priceless experience to our team. As the Member Development Officer, Craig will be working with members to empower them with his knowledge and experience on their journey to success.