In an effort to standardize the practice of dental office management, the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada—created for and by our members—utilizes education, experience, and the power of community.


We are here to help inspire and guide you through your many challenges, empower you towards reaching and exceeding your goals, and provide you with an active community through Facebook so that you and all dentistry leaders like you can all join the conversation.


Join dentistry leaders just like you who are experiencing the same issues and barriers, an assurance that you are not alone!


We provide resources, such as webinars and reading materials to ensure that you are always up to date, including on how to increase your productivity and manage your time effectively.


Be a superstar in your clinic through webinars, events and a solid connection with an active community.

How Can we Help You Succeed

Our vision is to maintain dental office management as a respected profession and, to ensure you that you are not alone, provide you with a Facebook group to facilitate a conversation with an influential community of other dental industry leaders just like you.


Your free membership gives you access to all member content on the website, including webinars and other resources, and invites you to join the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada Facebook Group.

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