Certified Professional Dental Office Administrator

Dental administrators handle various administrative tasks at the front desk of a dental office. Many of them are trained on the job, while some complete an educational program at a technical or community college that prepares them for certification.

As a Certified Professional Dental Office Administrator, you will be well versed in the following aspects:


CPDOA members understand terms related to dental procedures and common dental ailments. Pronunciations, definitions and usage of dental terms are in daily use, so that dental office administrators can relay dental information to dentists, patients and insurance companies.

Professional Skills in the Workplace

A receptionist is often the first person a patient sees in a medical and dental office. Because of this, public relations skills are a necessity for effective communication with patients and dental staff. Professionalism and the practice of self-awareness is the expectation of every CPDOA member.

Dental Office Dynamics

As a CPDOA you understand the roles and responsibilities of employees in a dental office, including the dentist, hygienist, dental receptionist and other office staff. Administrative processes are a core strength of a CPDOA member, including (but not limited to): usage dental appointment software and phone systems, proper handling of dental records, insurance claims and inventory.

Dental Office Accounting and Billing

As a CPDOA you are versed in the basics of billing dental patients, dental insurance, billing codes and reimbursement processes. General bookkeeping skills for dental offices are crucial in the day to day work of a dental office administrator and contribute to the smooth running of a clinic..

Law and Ethics in a Dental Office

Dental office staff must abide by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, better known as PIPEDA. With regards to health information, there are many provincial legislations to know: PHIPA in ON (Personal Health Information Protection Act), HIA in AB (Health Information Act) and others. A CPDOA understands the privacy regulations incorporated in the acts and procedures dental offices use to ensure the privacy of patient dental records.


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